July 15

Mr. Predictable

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Saturday, July 15, 6pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: Roee Florentin, Israel, 2016, 103, Hebrew, narrative

In this delightful and charming Israeli comedy, Adi has always been a “good boy.” He helped more than enough at home, at school, in the military; the perfect father, husband, and son.He became the most thoughtful man you can imagine, or to put it in other words, Adi became a “sucker” who was exploited by nearly everyone he ever met. Things change radically when he meets Natalia, a stunning, free-spirited dog walker, who entices Adi into a life full of emotions, passion and romance. Will he go on being a “good boy?” Or will he, for the first time in his life, be brave enough to be who he really wants to be, finally enjoying himself. The problem is that he doesn’t know how.

Saturday, July 15, 6pm, Dryden Theatre

Atomic Falafel

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Saturday, July 15, 8:45pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: Dror Shaul, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, 2015, 93, English, Farsi, Hebrew, narrative

A hilarious, fast-paced satire with a pro-peace message, Atomic Falafel encompasses the Israel-Iran nuclear showdown, the Internet friendship of two teens from the opposing countries, a youthful hacker’s first romance and a falafel maker’s discovery of a new love. In a dusty Negev town, a mother-daughter team runs a falafel truck catering to troops patrolling a nearby nuclear reactor. As the widowed mother falls for a uranium-allergic German nuclear inspector, her daughter and computer whiz boyfriend stumble upon secret files that could prevent a nuclear disaster. Especially resonant in today’s political climate, this exuberant, delightfully absurd, spot-on comedy is writer and director Dror Shaul‘s Israeli-styled Dr. Strangelove.

Saturday, July 15, 8:45pm, Dryden Theatre

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